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historyCETRI was established in 2008 aiming to host a high tech and interdisciplinary research group in close collaboration with various institution duly spread in whole Europe. The working research groups consist of highly qualified professional Scientists and Engineers with well-coordinated research work in their fields.

The team started as a dynamic assortment of professionals with more than 30 man-years of experience in Engineering and Science (now more than 60 man-years capacity) that have worked in more than 40 research projects. Till 2010 our team of professionals collectively had attracted more than 45 Million euros for their former institutions and participated as coordinators or partners in more than 70 EC and national funded projects. It is a well coordinated team that knows well how to move from concept or idea to prepare, build, win and run co-funded Research & Innovation projects. In a nutshell: we will gladly listen to your needs.

More recently within 2013 CETRI participated in more than 10 proposal ideas and received funding for 5 new FP7 research projects, and won some private contracts for applied scientific work.