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Innovation Management

Cetri Centre has as aim to help its partners create substantial value from their novel ideas. Organisations to remain competitive in the 21st century must innovate. To achieve this, an integrated innovation management process should be in place within the organisation directed in developing processes that respond to market or social needs.

Cetri team helps partnering organisations to achieve this through a unique customisation process:  An interdisciplinary team of researchers and marketeers will undertake to design together the strategic objectives related to innovation, to implement processes to shepherd the generation and development of novel ideas, and insuring leaders create an environment that balances creativity and capturing value from it!

This includes but is not limited to the identification of the opportunity – within the capacities of the partner – that lead to competitive advantage, a methodology to transform ideas into specific projects, and projects into real value creation, performance measurements, setting up and supporting technology & innovation networks and finally Intellectual Property Management, Risk Assessment and venues for maximisation of the exploitation results.


Innovation Management Procedures
  • Start by Interpreting business policy/strategy and determine the innovative solutions supporting strategy implementation.
  • Design and model solutions for customer innovation and experience along with similar initiatives variants.
  • Manage and evaluate portfolio data and innovation pipeline assisting strategic decision-making and Go-to-Market process.
  • Design, research, develop, analyze and suggest new marketing concepts/policies as well as strategies.
  • Manage prime team functions and activities for strategic direction.
  • Develop high-performance atmosphere.
  • Perform as strategic partner to head innovation of influence, change and new processes.
  • Lead and direct different cross-functional programs and projects of varied sizes and types concurrently.
  • Contribute and influence strategic direction for senior leadership using informal and formal communication.
  • Manage and attain customer expectations and ensure delivery fulfill expectations.
  • Coordinate all cross-functional activities, represent customers internally and collaborate with leaders in varied areas on allocation across projects and resource planning.
  • Ensure to exercise decision-making and independent judgment while being aligned with customers and management.
  • Align final strategic decisions with presentations to Business Angels networks or Venture or other private capital. Can bring them on the table early in the innovation management process (i.e during change process or project implementation)