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Security (Physical & Cyber)

From illegal border crossing to terrorist and cyber attacks, security and surveillance are very important areas of research and development, where digital technology may play a very significant role. CETRI contributes to a European-wide common understanding of the interplay between physical, cyber and natural factors that may pose security risks. This is crucial in shaping effective responses by exploiting the use of technology solutions. CETRI  is able to actively support the European Security Research and Innovation Agenda (ESRIA) through:

  • the development of data fusion and enhanced situational awareness engines
  • analysis and implementation of data models and visual analytics modules in order to support future land border biometric technologies
  • exploiting diverse information exchanges to enhance openness of data
  • adopting security-by-designprinciples
  • ensuring societal acceptanceof our ideas through a carefully defined framework
  • placing civil protectionat the center of our security research activities and working in a holistic manner in order to support this.
  • implementing sensing elements for explosive & hazardous materials identification



CETRI develops ultra-low cost sensor, ultra-lightweight sensor using the inkjet printing method for the detection of traces explosives vapors and other hazard gases. CETRI has the expertise and the infrastructure to deliver a comprehensive approach which includes the synthesis of functionalized nanomaterials (e.g. carbon nanotubes), their incorporation into printable inks, the fabrication of all-printed sensor arrays on flexible substrates. Further to this the CETRI technical team can enhanced these elements with advanced data functionalities and pattern recognition algorithms in order to optimize the selectivity performance of these sensors and to automate the detection process.